How to Spend a Dude’s Weekend in Seattle

How to Spend a Dude’s Weekend in Seattle


Seattle, the perfection place for a Mancation. With its choice of transportation, making it so simple to get around the city, Seattle has everything you want be it a few drinks with the boys or visiting the sites and markets. There is something for everybody.


Most people think of the Space Needle, Seahawks and Mariners when thinking of Seattle and these are great reasons to go but it has so much more to offer. Nightlife, art and is a foodies paradise. It would be easy to spend a weekend there and not even begin to scratch the surface.

Planning your guy getaway should be first on your list. There is accommodation to suit every taste and budget. If you want to be right in the heart of the action, Pan Pacific Hotel or The Westin is perfect, maybe you want to be near the home of the Mariners, the Silver cloud Hotel is directly across from Safeco Field. Cabins and vacation rentals abound too and they are all within close proximity of everything you need.
Gold prospectors of years gone by used Seattle as a stop on their trip to Alaska. It is the perfect place to take a few days to prepare for your trip and is the main embarkation point for cruises heading up north.


Seattle caters to everybody’s tastes. Want to check out the music , sci fi and pop culture scene? Heat to the EMP museum. Cycling, kayaking and paragliding are all catered for as Tiger Mountain tours. Taking some time to cycle through Seattle is well worth it. For those daring enough, tandem flights will ensure that you see the breathtaking Cascades, Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound.
The food choices in this city are amazing. From the SkyCity restaurant, situated in the Space Needle to delectable chowder at Ivar’s on the pier, Pike Place Market exquisite chocolate or visiting the original Starbucks, foodies will delight here. Seattle is legendary for the local seafood which is fresh and found in many restaurants, which is reason enough in itself to visit.


There is no way that Seattle can be done in a weekend. Kayaking, football, paragliding or downing a few beers with the boys can all be done within walking distance of each other. This makes Seattle the perfect destination for a once in a lifetime guy’s escape.
Round up your friends and start organizing what will surely be the one of the most memorable and amazing getaways in a long time.